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FPM Injection, a French industrial partner, has been a specialist in plastics injection in China for more than 15 years. Our factory ( 8200m²) itself is certified ISO 9001 and is situated near Shanghai in the province of Zhejiang, in Yuyao. At this time, we have a bit more than one hundred employees. Initially specialized in the production of injected plastic parts (technical and appearance parts), we have enlarged our offer of services from the design of parts to the industrialization of finished products.

A global plastics solution, allowing us to master and monitor all of the steps of design, manufacture and assembly of your plastic parts and sub-assemblies. We have optimized our means and capacities for the production of plastic parts in order to best meet your requirements and specifications. Our international team, composed of a French management, has great experience in the field of plastics engineering and in sub-contracting in China. There is no competitiveness without product quality, so we work to the European standards and withe perfectly defined internal and external process control and traceability.

Working with FPM Injection is the guarantee of transparent cooperation allowing quality products to be developed in China easily and safely.

A mold (or tool) for plastic injection is used in the framework of the series production of plastic parts. The design and manufacture of injection molds is a strategic step for obtaining quality parts throughout the project. This is the reason for which we have chosen to in-source this work of design and manufacture, directly in our factory.

All the tools that we manufacture in our workshop comply with European Standards. You invest in a quality production asset. We benefit from the total control of their manufacture: design, purchasing, scheduling, machining, adjustments and maintenance. You receive and can check the 3D mold file and you remain the owner of your tool until its end of service life.  Depending on your product specification, we can manufacture any type of injection mold depending on the quantity, the type of parts to produce, and the choice of materials: hot channel molds, multi-imprint molds, dual-injection molds, over-molding molds, gas-assisted molds. Our manufacturing lead-times vary generally from 5 to 8 weeks.

Our plastic injection mold manufacturing workshop is equipped with the latest generation machines and is organized around a systematic process control. Our tooling team is comprised of experienced plastics engineering technicians. Checks are performed during the different steps of the project. We guarantee the traceability of all components and sourcing from our rigorously qualified suppliers and partners (steels, standard components, etc.).


Our machining center is equipped with 6 CNC machines (Makino, Fanuc), 6 sinker EDM machines and 6 wire cutting machines. The whole manufacturing process is monitored by our ERP.


Dimensional and mechanical checks are performed on all tooling components. More than 200 inspection points are checked.


After the initial tests, we perform modifications and improvements required for finalizing the parts and for making the mold industrially usable.


We present below, the different steps in the manufacture and use of your injection mold. 


After analysis of your specification, our design office performs an exhaustive analysis of your part design in order to ensure optimization.


Following the analysis of the part, our design office designs and produces the plans for the injection tools needed for the production of the plastic parts.


We launch the machining of the plastic injection mold in our mold workshop and we rigorously check every detail and element of it. 


We produce samples of your plastic parts for the different validation steps. We perform different adjustments before launching series production.


The mold goes into series production, we immediately start additional injection moldings of your plastic parts. We then perform different finishing and assembly operations if necessary.


During the whole service life of your injection mold, we perform all servicing and maintenance operations in order to ensure the longevity of your productions.


Below are a few examples of injection molds that we have manufactured. For molds intended for export, you can also consult our specialized subsidiary, Unimold Asia.

Do not hesitate to contact us to know more about our know-how in China. We are ready to listen to assist you in your plastics injection project.


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