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Zhiben Environmental Protection Technology Group is a large group enterprise focusing on R&D, production and application of eco-friendly plant fiber materials. Since its establishment, the Company has been making strategic layout with a global perspective, continuously integrating resources in the field of ecological and environmental protection, gathering top R&D and technical talents, and establishing industry-leading production management system.

After years of rapid development, Zhiben has established a full-supply chain model with the application of plant fiber materials as the core, providing one stop solution for customers from the aspects of raw material supply, mold develop, manufacturing and maintenance, product design, consulting, processing and production, equipment customization, storage and logistics, technology, after-sales service and so on, to creating and delivering value to all sector customers, such as Coffee and Bakery catering, QSR foodservice, drinking solution, food & beverage, 3C, health care, beauty care, etc.

Zhiben Vision

The Leader in the Application of Plant Fibers

Zhiben group keep up with keen industrial and market insights, be strict with itself for being industrial benchmark,inspiring individuals, enterprises and organizations' sustainable thinking, leading the ones with environmental protection dreams to achieve sustainability strategic updating as well as excellent business value.

Zhiben Mission

Realize the sustainable development of human and nature by the beauty of industrial civilization.

We make every effort to enhance our technology and R&D strength, innovation capacity, organizational effectiveness,for achieving recyclable and sustainable development of human and nature by the beauty of industrial civilization.

Zhiben Core Values

Benevolence, Innovativeness, Continuous Leading, Great Achievements, and Cooperativeness

We will never forget why we started, we are grounded in our values. Together we keep learning from and working withone another, embed the core values in everything we do.


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